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Privacy Policy

The Albany Schools Network do not hold private information of people, aside from contact details for member schools and contacts at each school (notably committee members and technical personnel) needed for the purposes of conducting ASN business. Such information will not be divulged to 3rd parties without a valid court order or similar legal instruction.

ASN are not able to report on internet usage of individual end users, but can ascertain which school may be generating specific traffic (schools in turn have their own privacy policies, standards and norms). We do not routinely monitor internet connections or traffic, but may do so in order to better maintain our network, and in the course of troubleshooting, in line with industry norms and practices. Those with access to ASN's systems can further be expected to do so in line with the USENIX system administrators' Code of Ethics.

Abuse Policy

The Albany Schools Network supports good digital citizenship (indeed, most of its members directly engage in inculcating such ideals with their pupils).

We take instances of abuse very seriously.

Should you be aware of an incidence of abuse, please see our abuse page. Note that for take-down notices, we appoint ISPA as our agent.

ISPA Code of Conduct

The Albany Schools Network is bound by the ISPA code of conduct.

TENET REN Service agreement

The use of the ASN network is further bound by the TENET REN Service Agreement. In particular, schools must note the "no commercial activities over TENET bandwidth" limitation.

Constitution of the ASN

As a Voluntary Association ("Universitas"), the Constitution of the ASN is the founding document and ultimately governs its activities.

Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use of the services of ASN are more or less common sense; we are bound by the agreements metioned above (most notably ISPA's Code of Conduct, and TENET's REN Service Agreement). Those requirements apply, mutatis mutandis, to our member schools. In particular, member schools agree to: