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The Albany Schools Network (ASN) was established to give schools in Grahamstown access to the Internet and related services. Established as a "voluntary association" (Universitas, it is non-profit in nature, and run by the schools, for the schools.

We run a small point-of-presence, hosted pro bono by Rhodes University, where schools are able to interconnect at up to 10Gb/s. Our internet connection currently consists of two independent 1Gb/s links to the TENET / SANReN PoP in Grahamstown.

TENET supplies the bandwidth we are able to offer to members at an excellent price.

ASN are thankful to Rhodes University's I&TS Division for their continued support to the organisation.

Members of the Albany Schools Network currently include: Dioscesan School for Girls, Graeme College, Good Shepherd School, Kingswood College, Nombulelo School, PJ Olivier, St. Andrews College, St Andrews Prep School, Victoria Girls High School, and Victoria Primary School.